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Osaek Village

Sparkling Mineral Water & Hot-Spring Zone

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                                 western style roomkorean style room

                                  Western style room (with patio)      korean style premium room

                                                 Reservation information

                   Accomodation Fee:  40,000 won ~ 80,000 won (Premium) Approx: US 40$~80$

     All prices are based on two people per room.We usually charge 5000 won per one additional person.

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                                 Click here to download Map of Mt' Solrak National Park.(3500x2500:10M)

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Have you ever been here?

Want to escpe the urban woods and escape to the 'real' world? Well, here's your chance!

YAKSU HOTSPRING MOTEL is a deluxe year-round facility which is located in scenic Osaek village,the heart of Sorak mountains. You can choose between either a western style room (double size bed)or korean style room (ONDOL; heated floor system). Each spacious room is equipped with Wifi connection, a satellite TV(CNN, OCN, KBS, etc), and private bathroom (w/toilet, sink, shower & tub).

One of the best things about our motel is that all the water that we have us hot-spring water (even the toilet bowl water). You can enjoy a hot-spring bath in your own private tub or our big public bath tubs that are free of charge to our guests.

After the hot-spring bath, you can gaze out the window which opens up to a beautiful scenery. Our patio rooms present the best views, with the beautiful mountain foliage in the fall. You'll find the scencery irresistable as the fresh, crispy breeze fills up your room and then your lungs.

Why just look? Our four-season motel is located only 5 minutes away from breathtaking hiking trails. There are more than 20 different hikes, from 2-hour hikes (for beginner hikers) to 8-hour hikes (for experienced hikers). The 2-hour hike (round-trip) is the most popular hike which allows you to walk through the heart of Sorak mountains. take pictures of the most magnificent sceneries on your way to your destination, the Dragon Falls, Dragon falls (picture below on the right) is said to have been a resting spot for a Korean dragon that got lost on its way to the heavens.

After the hike, quench your thirst with cool, sparkling medicinal (mineral) water, which is only 2 minutes away from our motel. The old monks used to say that this water was miracle water that cured all kinds of diseases. Scientifically speaking, it is said to help with stomach problems, blood circulation, recuperations, and anemia,

If you would like a quiet and relaxing vacation,with helpful and friendly staff, YAKSU HOT-SPRING MOTEL is the perfect place for you!

       songee mushroom in yanayangmount trout in osek streamroccoon dog in sorakflying squirrel in osekyongso fall in osek

      Have you ever heard about Osaek mineral water & hotspring ?

Osaek Sparkling Mineral Water & Hotspring area is located in Yangyang-gun, Kangwon-do, KOREA. It is conveniently located on National Road No.44.

Osaek village has many other attractions besides the hot-spring water, sparkling water, and beautiful mountain sceneries. There is a hot-spring  swimming pool (3 minute walk from our motel), gigantic public spas (3 minute walk from our motel),and restaurants that serve delicious mountain herbal dishes & country-style, home-made Korean wine (5 steps from our motel).

In the summer, you can come to escape the heat of city life and dunk your feet in the icy cool streams. In the fall, escape the dusty winds and come up here to enjoy the clean fresh air and beautiful fall colors. In the winter, let the "non-polluted", deep snow covered mountains take your breath away, and enjoy the hot-spring, which is our middle name. DId I also mention that Osaek Village has a special shortcut to Dae-chung Peak (1708 m), which is the second highest peak in South Korea. There are so many more things to do and see here that you'll have to come and see for your self.

            You can also use our gas grills and picnic tables in our backyard which is near the streams.

jungchung shelter (033-672-3156)Daechungbong in winter
Jungchung Shelter in Daechung bong & Daechungbong in winter

Jungchung shelter phone:033-672-1708

Fall in Osaek Village

What is the Color display ?

The trees in Osaek village are especially beautiful during the fall. The degree of color varies from tree to tree. Leaves directly exposed to the sun may turn red, while those on the shady side of the same tree may turn yellow. Color also varies depending on the combination of weather conditions. When autumn is warm and rainy, leaves may have less red coloration.Color also varies from mountain tops to valleys and from day to day, there's no way to predict when the fall foliage will be at its best. This is a time of change, when each day is colored over again. There is only one place in the world where one can view such a brilliant display of leaves.Just come visit the Osaek Sparkling Mineral (medicinal) Water & Hotspring area see for yourself.

                              YAKSU Hotspring Motel

                                  Yangyang-gun seomyun osaek-ri 460-13
                                          kangwondo , South-Korea
                                               Zip code 215-814

                                           Phone: 033-672-3156  Fax: 8233-672-4156


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